Bordermap Consulting offers a range of professional research and consultancy services, providing clients with authoritative analysis, advice and technical support in all aspects of international boundary-making and dispute resolution. We work closely with governments, NGOs and commercial organisations around the world, helping to identify and implement effective, practical solutions to complex problems. Whether you simply want to confirm the alignment of a particular boundary or need to find a way to resolve a longstanding territorial dispute, Bordermap Consulting can provide the assistance you need.

Negotiation and Litigation Support

Whether a government is seeking to settle a boundary question by negotiation or through third-party adjudication, it is essential to be fully prepared and capable of responding effectively to the other side’s arguments. Bordermap Consulting has unrivalled experience in assisting governments throughout the dispute resolution process. Our global perspective enables us to identify useful precedents and innovative solutions for overcoming deadlock.


Risk Assessment

Operating in border areas can be a risky business, especially at sea where more than half of the world’s potential maritime boundaries are subject to overlapping jurisdictional claims. Whether you are exploring for oil and gas, laying pipelines or calculating insurance risks, Bordermap Consulting can advise on where boundaries are located, identify where disputes are likely to occur and assess potential outcomes.


Archive Research

Nearly all boundary disputes have a historical dimension which can only be properly understood through archive research, and the outcome of some disputes hinges entirely on archival evidence. Bordermap Consulting has extensive experience working in government and private archives around the world. We know what questions to ask, where to look for key documents, and how to identify and present relevant evidence effectively.


Technical and Cartographic Assistance

Defining a boundary on the surface of the earth is a challenging task, and there is often considerable uncertainty over the precise location of the line. Bordermap Consulting can provide expert advice on boundary delimitation and demarcation, treaty interpretation and map analysis. We can also construct and depict maritime limits and potential boundaries with precision using specialist computer software, and prepare illustrative maps and graphics that communicate complex geographical information clearly and persuasively.



International boundary-making cannot be learned from a text book, and many governments have limited experience of the processes and techniques involved. Bordermap Consulting contributes regularly to the world’s only open professional training programme in boundary-making and dispute resolution run by IBRU at Durham University. We also offer customised training courses and boardroom briefings addressing issues of particular importance to our clients. Training themes include: preparing for boundary negotiations and third-party adjudication; legal and technical aspects of maritime boundary delimitation; land boundary delimitation and demarcation; and the use of geographic information in boundary-making.